The Order Sons of Italy in America
Las Vegas Lodge 2158

The Order Sons of Italy in American (OSIA) is the largest and oldest organization in the U.S. representing Italian American (I/A) men and women.  It was founded in 1905 to help the early Italian influx of immigrants settle in America.  In part, the Order kept alive a spiritual affection toward our land of origin, Italy, mother of Western civilization, and to encourage the dissemination of Italian culture and language in the United States.  Overall, OSI Foundation has given more than $108 million to education, medical research, disaster relief and other projects. The Commission for Social Justice is committed to fighting racism, prejudice and stereotyping of I/A and people of other cultures, races and religions. Demographically we have most diverse membership of I/A organizations with Grand lodges and 750 Lodges throughout the United States.

The Las Vegas Lodge No. 2158 was established in 1968 and is part of the Grand Lodge of California. The Grand Lodge promotes and encourages the preservation of our culture by establishing programs that benefits all of Americans.  The Grand Lodge has donated millions of dollars to charities and philanthropies such as the March of Dimes, American Red Cross, the Arthritis Foundations and Alzheimer’s Association and many more.  We have provided over $2 million in academic scholarships and have a study abroad program for students and adults to study, live and work in Italy.

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